From the beginning, Leyyn Consulting has made a point of utilizing its national and international expertise. At the crossroads of specialized legal skills, our teams combine a service-centered approach that is always held to international standards with leading Algerian know-how and knowledge. With this in mind, we work diligently to enable our clients to foresee: complex scenarios, efficient solutions, operational imperatives, coordinated information flows, the priorities of each case file, each project, each client.

From the moment they begin until they reach their administrative end, our specialists ensure that each case file is properly presented to authorities.

Our priority: ensuring that our recommendations are implemented and guaranteeing the best advice for each solution provided.
Leyyn Consulting is continually expanding its areas of consultancy advice, the range of its service offering and is always developing its dedicated tools.

Leyyn Consulting, EURL 48, Coopérative des Médecins Ben Aknoun - Alger - Tel : 023 18 70 70